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Woodward’s exit left Joel Glazer “so upset”

It has been a week since the European Super League was proposed by 12 of the biggest clubs in Europe. 

The six English teams involved in this saga withdrew their participation after facing heavy flak from fans, media and the government. 

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward tendered his resignation on the same day the clubs announced their decision to retreat from the ESL.

According to Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire, Woodward’s resignation left United co-owner Joel Glazer “so upset”.

“Ed Woodward was perfect for the Glazers,” said Maguire. “You can see why Joel Glazer was so upset when he tendered his resignation.

“Woodward said winning on the pitch is irrelevant to commercial success. He’s got a manager who has the same philosophy.

“Solskjaer said before United played against Milan that winning trophies is just for egos. He means that winning trophies is an irrelevance.

“That’s very much the same attitude at board level. That’s the problem at the club.”

Woodward joined the Red Devils in 2005. In his 16 years with United, he has failed to keep the club’s supporters onside.

The American owners have faced the same problem as they have failed to establish a relationship with the fans. 

However, that hasn’t stopped them from profiting from one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

It will be interesting to see who succeeds Woodward as the executive vice-chairman after this season.

Will it be someone who is familiar with the club’s culture or someone more business-oriented?

If Glazer chooses the latter option, the criticism from supporters will only grow.

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